“We were expecting our first child the same time the house was scheduled to be finished. John was so accommodating to this that he came out ahead of schedule just so we could be moved in before the baby arrived.

The process was very enjoyable – from start to finish. John made it quite easy for us. He had everything laid out along the way, and told us everything we needed to do at the right time. Allowance-wise, he gave us a more generous budget than other builders we were considering. If we went over, it was our decision to do so later on in the process. So there were no surprises.

We did something different with our fireplace. We wanted cut slate, even though John had never done a fireplace in slate before. But he did an outstanding job. My wife can’t show that fireplace to enough friends!

We originally looked at some larger cookie-cutter builders, but later decided on John. We felt the most comfortable with him. He was honest and upfront with his plans, ideas and prices. But what impressed me the most was that we felt like we were important to him. We weren’t just a job…”                                               

~ Tim & Donna Carlson

“Building our home was a real undertaking. Our 8-acre lot was filled with multiple creeks, and the excavation was quite laborious. Just trying to keep it dry and keep power back there was a challenge. But the process rolled smoothly because John hires great subs. And he just orchestrated everything beautifully.

John was quite organized with his paperwork throughout the whole process. He kept everything up-to-date and change orders in place. Plus, he stayed on budget and on time. In fact, he was early in the phases of completion, so we actually had to slow him down a bit.

I was at the job site about every other day. This allowed me to learn about John and his wonderful family. I also got to witness his subcontractors in action, so I know for a fact that he hires really good tradesmen. It was actually a plumbing subcontractor that had turned me on to John.

The whole experience was gratifying. John talked to us directly and would never brush us off. In fact, that’s his #1 asset: his personal service. I had heard horror stories about larger builders where you turn into a number. Not with John. He and I built a real relationship together.”                                                                       

~ Sam & Tracy Neff / Eastgate

“We were more than pleased with our decision to work with John. That’s saying a lot, since my husband is in the building trade and has high expectations. Another builder had actually referred us to John. That showed us that he was highly regarded in the industry.

The estimate was thorough. Any up-charges were by us, not John. Plus, he was on the job all the time. This gave us the confidence that things were getting done right. I could call and talk to John everyday –-a huge benefit of a small builder.

John had a lot of integrity to making sure things were done right – not just appeasing us. For example, when our staircase arrived and it was being installed, John realized that it wasn’t built just right – even though I couldn’t see the error myself. He shipped them back without even asking us, because he wasn’t happy with them. Another example is when our home’s driveway gravel was delivered and laid down, I didn’t feel that it was an adequate amount, yet I didn’t say anything right away. John sensed that I wasn’t happy, though, so he had more brought in. It’s these kind of day-in and day-out events that showed me he was willing to roll up his sleeves and address issues – as opposed to balking at or ignoring a problem.

Bottom line? This was our dream home, and John helped make it a reality.”                

~ Jay & Denise Peters / Loveland

“Our friend referred us to John. Once we met with him, we didn’t talk to anyone else. He was honest, enthusiastic and customer service-oriented. Some builders don’t want to listen as much because they think it slows the job down. Not John. Throughout the process, he was open to our ideas. Plus, he was very willing to accommodate our requests.

During construction, a tornado hit in our part of town. So it was hard to get subs to work on the house. But John worked hard to find them! We were quite impressed. He has wonderful subcontractors that work for him – these are real craftsmen. He takes really good care of his subs, too, so the quality of their work remains high. We solidified the price before construction began. I liked John’s process. He brought in a bid, and then you can look at it and see what you want to do and don’t want to do. Quite simple. And he stayed on budget.

Since ours was a remodel, it was important that the design integrity remain. For example, in the kitchen we wanted the finishes of the new cabinetry to mimic the old. John came through. Plus, the intricate framing details in our dining room were superb: Phil, one of his workers, did all of that custom work on the spot to accommodate the new French Doors and bi-level nature of the room.

We most appreciated John’s honesty and communication. He would tell us if he could or couldn’t do something we requested. Or, he’d say it was going to cost XX amount to do it.

This remodeling was more intensive than when we built a new home, yet John made it more enjoyable. The best part? We moved in right on time, and we were able to host Thanksgiving at our house later that month – 32 family members in all!”

~ John & Luanne Smith / Glendale