Remodeling and Building Your Home…

John Hill also specializes in mid to large-size remodeling projects. He has completed dozens of projects of varying budget and complexity. Most fall into the $100,000 — $400,000 range.

This includes:
• Whole house remodels
• Additions
• Attics and second stories
• Kitchens
• Baths
• Basements
• Outdoor living spaces

Because John Hill also focuses on building new homes, the company brings a highly-disciplined and organized process to the remodeling side of the business. This means that the same level of communication, project flow, sub-contractor quality and budget-consciousness remains throughout. And just like with his new-build projects, the company takes ownership of a project from start to finish. 

Remodeling Strengths

• Proficiency in project scheduling that delivers the highest quality in an extremely efficient time frame.

• “Front-line” experience. John and his family have lived through a major remodel themselves. This makes him more committed to minimizing the inconvenience to his customers.

• Operates with a fixed and mutually-agreed upon price. This price will not change unless the client makes changes from the selection sheet.

• Clear, detailed job documentation and change orders. John’s highly-organized approach helps set expectations properly to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end.

• Impeccable reference list. John always has an updated list of references who are willing to testify to his quality, timeliness and professional approach.

Smooth Approach From The Start

From the time the project is being drawn, the client receives a packet of materials that includes a sample specification sheet, contract and selection guide. This gives a clear picture of how the process will work and what paperwork will be required to get the project started. Bottom line? You’ll always know where you stand in both cost and timing.

Kitchen Remodel Before

Kitchen Remodel After