John Hill Construction is a Custom Home Builder in Greater Cincinnati

Company Description

John Hill Construction located in Loveland, Ohio is a custom home builder. We specialize in all phases of new residential construction and remodeling. Our particular focus is building custom homes on scattered lots as well as orchestrating major additions and remodels including kitchens, outdoor living spaces, basements and more. No house is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on bringing value to the product and enjoyment to the process.

A True Custom Builder

John Hill is a true custom builder, electing to build only four to five homes each year. His repertoire is varied and distinct. From well-appointed ranches to stone and brick transitionals to Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired modern homes, the company has built it all. Just as important as the home style is John Hill’s ability to build on unusual or difficult lots. John loves a challenge. Period. So rather than backing out from a potential obstacle, he rolls up his sleeves and finds creative approaches to solving design-to-build challenges and makes it look easy. Specifically, John has…

• Constructed driveways that are nestled deep in the woods or span creeks to create the most desirable home setting.

• Built walkout basements with extreme attention to grading to help maximize both home value and lot integrity.

• Worked within a variety of budget constraints to get a project off the ground.

“I thrive on applying creative, yet budget-conscious, solutions that give the homeowner both the look and functionality they want,” says John.

Learn more about the challenges and creative approaches behind a unique John Hill home.

Hands-On Involvement.

From the initial design meeting all the way through the warranty, John remains involved every step of the way. This hands-on and highly organized approach has led to a 100% satisfaction level with every homeowner. John works diligently and proficiently to make sure that each new client is satisfied. He sums it up this way: “Our clients are entrusting us to build their family home. We view this as a very personal process and take their trust seriously. I closely oversee the entire process for every home we build. Ensuring project integrity through close communication with superintendents, on-site visits and by keeping very close control of quality, cost and scheduling.”

Associations/Community Involvement

With over 35 plus years’ experience in the building industry, John has earned a solid reputation as both a community servant and trustworthy businessman. John Hill Construction is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati, the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance and the Loveland Historical Society. John himself is involved in his community through church and by sponsoring youth athletic teams.

Specific Service And Awards

• John served on the Board of Trustees for the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce

• Was the Chairperson for the Loveland Chamber’s largest fund raising event of the year — the annual golf outing

• Served on both the Loveland Chamber’s Stormwater Advisory Committee as well as the Citizen Zoning Advisory Committee

• John Hill Construction was awarded the 2003 Loveland Business Enhancement Award for renovation of an abandoned building in the Downtown Historic District

• John Hill is actively involved in his church, he has spent 6 years on the Education Commission and served on the Kindergarten Initiative Committee.

• John Hill Construction was awarded the 2011 “5 Under 5” Award by the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce.

Making It An Enjoyable Experience 

John’s personal goal is to make the home building experience an enjoyable one for customers. But that’s no easy task, especially when each project is often a customer’s dream home and expectations are high. That’s why he takes clear and measurable steps to have a well-documented project flow, firm price estimate, and team of reliable subcontractors. He has learned from experience that these steps make the entire process more pleasant – and less frustrating.

The Facts Speak For Themselves

John Hill is proud of the following statistics:

• 86% of new business comes from referrals

• A John Hill home has never encountered a wet basement

• 43% of business comes from other well-respected people in the building industry

Core Competencies At-A-Glance

Below are some strengths and advantages to working with John Hill Construction:

1. We don’t choose subcontractors solely based on lowest bid. Rather, we pick them based on quality and their ability to live up to the customer’s expectations.

2. We give clear instructions to our team of subcontractors. This keeps communication strong, quality high and errors minimized. We also pay them on time, so few have wanted to stray.

3. We have never encountered a wet basement, a true reflection of the foundation integrity of the homes we build. We do whatever is necessary to maintain that track record.

4. We have an enviable client management process. We stress communication with clients, which puts everyone in-the-know and at ease.

5. We make the experience enjoyable for clients by treating them fairly, communicating often, giving credits back where appropriate, giving fair allowances from the start, and having an inherently easy-going disposition.

6. We have a highly-organized process for updating change orders and keeping the client in the loop on these changes.

7. Over 20% of our business is repeat business from clients we have done work for previously. It is not uncommon for our clients to return to us up to four times.

8. As the owner, John closely oversees the entire process of every job to keep very close control of quality and costs.

9. By controlling the building project from start to finish, we have become the low overhead leader.